Together We Succeed

Fitness Commitment to Overcoming Pain

Fitness – in general, working out: Why do we love it? Why do we hate it? Why do we allow our inner feelings to dictate our outer appearance? I, personally, am fed up with the direction that we, as a society, are headed. We have become a society obsessed with taking the easy way out. We have come to depend on technology for everything we do. We’ve become sedentary, preferring to allow results to come to us rather than actively seeking them out; and we are paying a dear price for it in our health and well-being.

We have been taught that less is more, without taking into consideration that while this may be true with some aspects of life, the opposite is true of life itself. Most workout regiments nowadays focus on doing less to get more. Most fitness regimens today are designed to be short and uncomplicated (6 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes). They try to trick your mind into thinking that you can change your life and improve your health by doing as little as possible. Advertisements everywhere purport to help people lose weight without changing their diets or stepping one foot into a gym. They’re faster, easier, and don’t require a lot of effort. This, however, is rarely the case! (which we know from constant weight fluctuations people face between diet/ workout plans). What we fail to accept that lifestyle changes are supposed to be hard. They are supposed to be challenging and they are meant to push you. In order to succeed, you must push back!

Realizing the need for change, I developed the Madness program to help individuals get back to the basics of health and fitness. Madness is designed to help people see results and improve the overall quality of their lives. It provides the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves – physically and mentally – and become more active in the process.

I will tell you up front, Madness is not easy! If you’re not used to pushing yourself, it’s going to be hard. If you love working out and your body is used to it, Madness will still challenge you. Madness is not designed to be easy. It’s designed to remind you that the important things in life are sometimes hard, but ultimately, worth the pain you must endure in overcoming the challenges of life. Madness shows you that to persevere, you must adjust to the madness of the world and conquer the struggles within yourself in order to be successful. Madness doesn’t allow you to run away or make excuses. Rather, it provides you with the tools needed to attack adversity and remain focused on your goals – even in difficult situations.

Instead worrying about how difficult the workout may be or whether you can complete it, Madness helps you become more aware of the attitude you bring to the workout. Your mind and your doubts make a seemingly difficult task, impossible. The feelings within you drain your motivation for change and helps perpetuate the cycle of defeat. You’ve failed before fully trying to succeed. With a Madness attitude, you will realize that can achieve anything and everything you desire so long as you’re willing work hard for it. If you push through all the doubts and the pain to become confident in yourself, you will realize that the only thing holding you back from your success is your mindset.

When things seem impossible, don’t get defeated – get MAD. Understand that if you can get Mad enough to push yourself to continue a Madness regimen, even when you’re tired or ready to quit, you’re strong enough to tackle anything that life throws your way! That’s what the program is about… Madness – it’s in the Pain! Through the pain and physical exhaustion, you are strengthening your mind and your body.

Are you MAD enough for change?